Craig-Jody dream European vacation

Craig and Jody's dream vacationWhen we read about two young Africans' dream European vacation we immediately decided to lend them a hand by publicising their hopes and dreams on our website. Craig and Jody are two young students in Africa who, like many people, wish to get to see a bit more of the world but cant afford to do so. Unlike most students, they're actually doing something about it.

The European vacation

The Craig-Jody dream vacation consists of a flight from Cape Town to London. From London, they hop across the channel from London to Amsterdam, and continue their contiki trip from Amsterdam to Berlin, Berlin to Prague, Prague to Munich, Munich to Venice, Venice to Rome, Rome to Florence, Florence to Lucerne, Lucerne to Paris and then a ferry trip from Paris to London. And finally, they will hop onto their return flight from London to Cape Town.

How much money do Craig-Jody need?

Craig-Jody need $6 188 (of which they have raised $175) to cover their dream vacation through Europe.

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