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Monarch Airlines has its main base at Luton Airport in London, and also operates flights from Manchester Airport as well as Gatwick and Birmingham.

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How to book a Monarch airline flight

Monarch flights can be booked at their website,

Recent news

14 Jul 2008

Monarch's CelebairCelebrities start being trained for Monarch Airline's reality TV show - Celebair.

17 Jun 2008

'Monarch Holidays' is launched, offering holiday packages from the flymonarch website.

25 May 2008

Following trouble with their plane's hydraulics, 358 passengers are stranded at Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) Monarch offered to pay out some £100 to each of the passengers.

Monarch airlineHistory of Monarch Airlines

Monarch Airlines was founded on 1 June 1967. The first Monarch flight was on the 5th April 1968. By 1976 all Monarch flights were in jets.

Do Monarchs fly with Monarch airline?

To our knowledge no UK Monarchs have ever flown with Monarch airline.

Monarch's flight licence

Monarch's flight licence is a UK Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence; permitting Monarch to transport cargo, mail and passengers on planes with 20 or more seats.

Fatalities on Monarch flightsFatal accidents on Monarch flights

There have been no fatal accidents on Monarch flights. On the 22nd May 2002 the captain on a Monarch flight applied the wrong landing technique and damaged the forward fuselage of a Boeing 757. On the 17th March 2006, the crew on a Monarch flight lost visual contact with the runway and did not follow the correct missed approach procedures. In August 2006, many passengers refused to fly on Monarch flight ZB 613, as a result of there being 2 Asian arabic-speaking passengers who they considered suspicious.

A wet day at Luton airport

Weather boffins had prophesied that the 15th July 2007 would be the UK's one day day of sunshine and summer in 2007. Unfortuanately, even on the 15th barbecue enthusiasts were forced indoors. The continued torrential rain throughout the 20th July flooded the approach road to the terminal building at Luton Airport, where Monarch Airlines is based. This in turn resulted in road chaos for those travelling to the airport. Monarch kept their check-in desks open longer than normal to accommodate late passengers, and those who missed their flights were transferred on to the next available Monarch flight.


FlyKandi is a joint venture between Hed Kandi and Monarch Airlines, whereby flights are operated aboard a specially branded Boeing 757 to Ibiza.

Takeoff from Birmingham

Here's a video of a Monarch Airlines plane leaving Birmingham Airport.

More Monarch Airline info

Wikipedia is a great resource for information on Monarch Airlines.

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