SAS Norge

From the 1st of June 2007 the Norweigian airline SAS Braathens changed its name to "SAS Scandinavian Airlines Norge" (abbreviated to SAS Norge)

SAS Norge's Air Routes

SAS Norge's primary market is Norway, the airline serves 18 destinations there; it also flies to other parts of Europe. SAS Norge's destinations include:




Las Palmas






SAS Norge's fleet

SAS Norge has a fleet of 57 aircraft - 6 Fokker 50s and 51 Boeing 737s.

Fokker F50

The Fokker 50 can carry around 50 passengers over a range of 2000 km at a speed of some 500 km/h. The plane is typically manned by 4 crew members - 2 cabin crew and 2 pilots.  The seats in the Fokker F50 are divided into 2 sides, with 2 seats on each side and an aisle down the centre.  There is one toilet on board at the front left of the aircraft. 

Fokker F50 safety

There have been some concerns about the Fokker F50's safety. When looking at the history of accidents of these planes, it should be borne in mind that turboprop planes (like the Fokker F50) tend to be operated in more marginal environments (for example, smaller airfields, perhaps with less advanced navigational aids). Turboprops tend, historically, to be operated by smaller, less financially secure and technically advanced airlines, where the management has a less developed culture of safety. There is sometimes less stringent safety or regulatory oversight governing such operations. Flight crews tend to be less experienced (as they get older, they move onto jet equipment). These circumstances may lead to the impression that turboprops are more dangerous. But one needs to keep in mind the operating environments where they tend to be found.


Something to be aware of when flying on a turboprop is that you feel turbulence in much higher levels than on a jet, but this is only because of the lower speeds at which a turboprop flies.

Origins & ownership of SAS Norge

SAS Norge was established in 2005 under the name SAS Braathens as a 100% subsidiary of SAS (the Scandinavian Airlines System Group).

Origins of the name "SAS Norge"

The new name was proposed by Ola Strand (SAS Braathens' Chief Executive) and approved by the company's general assembly on the 27th April 2007.

SAS Norge's fuselage

Like SAS Braathens, SAS Norge will have a picture of Norway's flag the fuselage of its planes.

SAS Norge's base

SAS Norge's base is in Fornebu, which is close to Oslo.

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