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Silverjet airline was a UK airline with a low fare business-class only service between London and New York (Newark) and between London and Dubai. On May the 29th 2008 Silverjet Airline announced that it was grounding its planes.

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a Silverjet airline plane taking off

Silverjet airline's contact details

UK customer enquiries and bookings

0844 855 0111

Enquiries and bookings outside UK

+44 203 004 2973, 0800 hrs - 0400hrs BST

US enquiries and bookings

877 359 7458 (877 FLYSILVERJET) 0300hrs – 2300hrs EST

Canada enquiries and bookings

866 916 5382

email enquiries


Silverjet Aviation Limited
72/104 Frank Lester Airport
London Luton Airport
United Kingdom

Silverjet airline's timetable

London to New York Silverjet business class flights

Time leaving London Luton Airport

Time arriving at New York (Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey)

1000 (UK time)

1300 (UK time)

1645 (UK time)

1945 (UK time)

We have a list of all airlines operating business class flights from London to New York, as well as a list of all airlines operating flights from London to New York.

New York to London Silverjet business class flights

Time leaving New York (Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey)

Time arriving at London Luton Airport

1930 (UK time)

0720 (UK time)

2145 (UK time)

0945 (UK time)

London to Dubai Silverjet business class flights

(first flight was the 18th November 2007)

Time leaving London Luton Airport

Time arriving at Dubai International Airport



Dubai to London Silverjet business class flights

(first flight from 18th November 2007)

Time leaving Dubai International Airport

Time arriving at London Luton Airport



Silverjet Airline

Airports Silverjet Airline uses

In line with being a business-class only airline, Silverjet aims to use private jet terminals at centrally located airports. Silverjet airline offers a variety of options for getting to the airport - a chauffeur service, helicopter, valet parking (at London Luton) and taxi. The chauffer service is free when booking fully flexible tickets.

Silverjet utilises three airport - Luton Airport (London), Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey) and Dubai International airport.

London Luton Airport mapLondon Luton airport

At Luton Airport, Silverjet airline uses one of the airport's two private jet terminals. The other reasons why Silverjet airline chose London Luton airport are:

Silverjet passengers can transfer from Luton Parkway Station to the Silverjet terminal free of charge, in Silverjet liveried cabs.

Newark Liberty International Airport

For getting to New York, Silverjet chose Newark Liberty International Airport (in New Jersey), which is easily accessible and has fewer passengers travelling through it than JFK International Airport.

Silverjet airline seating arrangementSilverjet airline's sleeper services

On night flights Silverjet airline becomes a "Quiet Zone", with no serving trolleys, minimal announcements, overhead reading lights and call bells are removed.

Features of Silverjet airline's service

Silverjet airline operates Boeing 767 aircraft, which includes 100 6'3" flat beds (made by Sicma Aeroseat) and a ladies-only toilet (one of its 5 toilets). Meals may be preordered, with halal meals being served on the flights between London and Dubai.

Each seat has an entertainment center, loaded with TV programmes, music and movies (movies may be pre-ordereed). The seat also has a seatback massager and a laptop power point.

Check-in is possible in only 30 minutes before departure time if passengers only have hand luggagee (check-in is from a private terminal with dedicated security facilities between London and New York).

Company name, trading name

Although trading as "Silverjet", the company's name is actually FlyJet Limited.

Silverjet Airline's licence

The UK's Civil Aviation Authority has issued Silverjet Airline a Type A Operating Licence, as such Silverjet is permitted to carry cargo, mail and passengers on planes with more than 19 seats.

Carbon neutrality

Silverjet Airline strives to be a carbon neutral airline, and all passengers are subject to a mandatory contribution which is used to offset the carbon emissions on the flight.

Advertising strategy

the Silvilised BA advert

Silverjet BA adIn a cheeky move, Silverjet has replicated British Airways' iconic 1989 advert which had thousands of people forming a smiling face, but this time with only 5 people - to illustrate the fact that it's planes aren't jam-packed with passengers. What's more Silverjet airline used the same direct as British Airways had used and shot the advert in the same place. The ad was run on ITV1 before England's quarter-final Rugby World Cup test match against Australia. The advert shows a lady running through a deserted town street in blue and a lady swimming in red meeting up in a desert with somebody in blue and a guy in black - looking at these people from above they look like a happy face with one eye blinking.

the lesbian advert

Silverjet ran an internet-only advert involved two ladies walking out of the same airline toilet.

Silverjet airline's awards

Environmentally Aware Airline 2007 awarded by the Institute of Transport Management (ITM)

Best Airline Website 2007 awarded by Travolution

Condé Nast Traveller Design and Innovation Award for Aviation 2007

Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Award for Best Business Class Only Airline 2007

Silverjet airline's target market

Being a business class only airline, Silverjet have a different target market to traditional carriers, targetting:

Silverjet's aim

Silverjet airline aims to become the world leader in exclusively business class long-haul air travel.

Flight reservation system

Videcom’s flight reservation system has been contracted by Silverjet airline. With Videcom's links to the major global distribution systems, Silverjet airline's dynamic seat availability and fares are displayed live to hundreds of travel management companies, travel agents, travel web sites and tour operators. Silverjet also runs a call centre and website.

Silverjet Airline's board of directors & top management

Executive directors

Fleming, Mr David
Tecnical & Operations Director

David Fleming has 34 years experience BA as a pilot and General Manager Technical and Training for flight operations, including launching the Boeing 747-400 at BA. Subsequent to that he was a general manager of operations at Qatar Airways.

Silverjet operations director

Hunt, Mr Lawrence
Chief Executive Officer

In addition to his responsibilities to Silverjet airline, Lawrence is a Non-executive Director of; he has been involved in starting up inter alia Database Management Sciences Ltd, Novell and Rapid Travel Solutions Limited.

Silverjet CEO Lawrence Hunt

Lynch, Mr Martin
Finance Director

Martin Lynch is a director of Tangney. He has experience working for BA. He replaced John Bavister as Finance Director of Silverjet airline in September 2007.

Non-executive directors

Owen, Peter
Non-Executive Chairman

Owen has held Chief Executive Officer positions at Aer Lingus, AXA, PPP Healthcare, Provincial Holdings and Sun Life; prior to which he worked as director of operations at BA.

Silverjet Chairman Peter Owen

Shawyer, Peter
Non-executive director

Qualified as a chartered accountant, Peter Shawyer has experieence working for Deloitte & Touche, culminating in him being a Managing Partner.  Shawyer is a non-Executive Director of HSBC Bank and Ingenious Media, chairman of British International; and was Chairman of Walbrook and a non-executive director of Liberata.

Silverjet non-executive director Shawyer

Bridger, Martyn
Customer Experience Director

Martin has consulted to airlines such as EasyJet, Emirates Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Qatar Airways, United Airlines and Siberia Airlines; prior to which he spent 24 years at BA. 

Buckman, Tim
Head of UK sales

Tim was appointed head of UK sales at Silverjet airline on the 14th August 2006. Tim worked was Leisure Sales Manager (Ireland and UK) for Cathay Pacific, prior to which he worked at Canadian airlines.

Evans, Peter
Operations Director

Peter has worked in senior operations roles at MyTravel Airways; prior to which he was head of operation for Virgin Atlantic.

Gershon, Katherine
Launch and International Development Director

Katherine Gershon's Silverjet responsibilities include the website launch, marketing, terminal refit and development of new routes. She joins Silverjet airline from Thomas Cook's UK offices, where she served as director of Multimedia Sales.

Piekarz, Andria
President US operations

Andria has over 18 year’s experience, including being Executive Vice President for Market Development at STA Travel.

Dave Simmons
Sales and Marketing Director

Dave has set up marketing programmes for American Airlines, BA, Emirates, Qantas, Ryanair and Singapore Airlines.


Bavister, John
ex- Finance Director

John Bavister is a chartered accountant with United Kingdom, Australian and United States experience.  His sixteen years experience working for Thomas Cook included being director of financial services enterprises, responsibility for Thomas Cook's foreign exchange activities and being finance director.  John has also got 7 years experience as financial services director of Going Places Leisure Travel Ltd. He joined Silverjet airline in 2005 and resigned in September 2007 with Martin Lynch replacing him. Bavister's resignation followed an £18 million loss which Silverjet suffered in its year to March 2007, as a result of start-up costs.

Silverjet finance director - John Bavister

Silverjet Airline's history

Silverjet airline was founded by Lawrence Hunt in 2004.

Silverjet listing on AIM

on the 10th April 2006 Silverjet airline announced that it would seek a listing on the London Stock Exchange's AIM (Alternative Investment Market). Following the fundraising of £25.3 million, on the 12th May 2006 Silverjet was listed on AIM under the symbol "SIL" in the Travel & Leisure sector (Airlines sub-sector). The company's activities are described as "a group engaged in operating business class airline on long haul routes". Silverjet is included in the FTSE AIM All-Share and the FTSE AIM All-Share Index - Travel & Leisure.

On Admission to AIM, Silverjet had 30 million ordinary shares in issue - at the placing price of £1.12 per share, equating to a market capitalisation of £33.6 million. On Admission, 18.7 per cent of Silverjet ’s issued share capital was owned by the Silverjet directors, with the balance held by investors. Arden Partners acted as Broker and sole Nominated Adviser to Silverjet airlines.

Silverjet airline's planes

On the 10th April 2006, Silverjet airline stated its intention to be operating a fleet of 10 aircraft within three years (giving it until 9th April 2009).

11 August 2006

Silverjet airline entered into a letter of intent with Thomsonfly Limited to purchase 2 Boeing 767-200 aircraft from them, to be delivered on 31 March 2007 and 31 October 2007 (at the latest). On the 11th October 2006, Silverjet airline entered into an agreement with Thomsonfly to acquire the two Boeing 767-200 aircraft (in total Silverjet paid US$28.2 million, some upfront and some on delivery).

19 September 2006

Silverjet airline entered into a letter of intent for $37 million of financing with Novus (Novus Aviation Limited) to sell its 2 Boeing 767-200s (acquired from Thomsonfly) to them, finance the refurbishment of the aircraft into Silverjet's business class only style with flat beds, and lease the aircraft back. The agreement extends for 10 years.

4 December 2007

Silverjet entered into an agreement to acquire 2 more Boeing 767 Extended Range aircraft from Thomsonfly Limited to be delivered in March 2008. With a range of over 9,600 km, the Boeing 767 ERs are capable of flying from from London to Johannesburg, New York, Dubai, Delhi, Mauritius, Shanghai and Los Angeles. The planes can carry 100 passengers.

December 2007

Silverjet launches the "The Silverjet Set", a loyalty program which rewards companies with one free flight for every 10 booked with Silverjet airline.

1 May 2008

Silverjet receives a cash injection from Viceroy Holdings, a US based Hedge Fund owned by the United Arab Emirates, which has the option to make an additional $75m cash injection. The cash comes in the form of a £8.4m loan repayable with interest of LIBOR+2% in 2011, and the purchase of 23 million Silverjet shares at 17p each.

Silverjet configures its Boeing 767s in a 2-2-2 seating configuration (with no middle seats, only aisle and window seats).

History of Silverjet airline's flights

On the 25th January 2007 Silverjet Airline began business class only daily flights between London Luton and New York Newark. From the 23rd September 2007 Silverjet airline started operating a second daily flight between London and New York (also business class only), in a Boeing 767. From the 18th September 2007 Silverjet started operating flights between London and Dubai becoming the first business-class only airline to operate flights on the route.

Takeover talks

Apr 2007

Silverjet enters talks with Deutsche Lufthansa and the Bland Group, seeking a buyer.

Silverjet mobile

Apr 2007

Silverjet mobile is launched, whereby passengers use their mobiles to book flights, choose their meals and select seats.

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