MDLR Airline flights

MDLR Airlines is based in India and became the world's first all vegeterian airline, with its first flight in April 2007.

MDLR Airline bookings

online booking system (not or or

toll free for Airtel users


non-Airtel users

Mobile : 09971303030


MDLR Airlines plane

MDLR Airlines' routes

flights to Chandigarh

flights from Delhi to Chandigarh

flights from Kolkata to Chandigarh

flights from Ranchi to Chandigarh


Flights to Delhi

flights from Chandigarh to Delhi

flights from Jaipur to Delhi

flights from Jodhpur to Delhi

flights from Kolkata to Delhi

flights from Ranchi to Delhi


Flights to Jaipur

flights from Delhi to Jaipur

flights from Kolkata to Jaipur

flights from Ranchi to Jaipur


Flights to Jodhpur

flights from Delhi to Jodhpur


Flights to Kolkata

flights from Chandigarh to Kolkata

flights from Jaipur to Kolkata

flights from Delhi to Kolkata

flights from Ranchi to Kolkata


Flights to Ranchi

flights from Chandigarh to Ranchi

flights from Jaipur to Ranchi

flights from Kolkata to Ranchi

flights from Delhi to Ranchi

MDLR told to stop non-charter flights

In May, India's civil aviation ministry has told MDLR Airlines to stop providing services of a commercial passenger carrier, as it is only licensed to carry out charter operations.

MDLR Airlines' fleet

MDLR Airlines is starting with a fleet of two 70-seater BAE RJ-70 jet aircraft with 4 engines, leased from British Aerospace; the planes will have 6 business class seats and 64 economy seats.

MDLR Airlines plans to acquire five MI-172 helicopters capable of seating 27 passengers, and wants to have 35-40 aircraft in its fleet by 2010.

MDLR Airlines' competitors

Indian, Alliance Airways, Air Sahara and Air Deccan.




The Chairman of MDLR Airlines, Gopal Kumar Goyal, announcing the launch of MDLR airline.







MDLR Airlines' owners

MDLR Airlines' is a 100% subsidiary of the MDLR (Murli Dhar Lakh Ram) Group , which has business interests in luxury hotels, shopping malls and infrastructure.

Why is MDLR Airline vegeterian?

"We at MDLR  love Nature and all God Made Creatures. It is a  pleasure to offer you  delicious and sumptuous vegetarian cuisine ranging from Continental, Chinese and Indian on board." Gopal Goyal Managing Director of MDLR Airline

MDLR Airline history

Aug 2008

MDLR Airlines announces that it will stop flying scheduled flights, and is going to focus on leasing planes.

25 Jul 2008

MDLR Airlines purchases a 45-room five star hotel in NCR, the Park Plaza Gurgaon, for Rs 120 cr.

Dec 2007

MDLR Airlines receives a licence to operate regular scheduled flights in India. Under the conditions of the licence it can fly from any metro (defined as being Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata) to and other city in India.

18 Dec 2007

4 passengers on board an MDLR flight from Chandigarh to Delhi (9H-171 MDLR) are off-loaded as they posed a security threat after a fight with the MDLR cabin crew due to a fog delay at Chandigarh airport.

Apr 2007

MDLR Airline starts operating charter flights in India

MDLR Airline staff


Mr. Koustav M. Dhar

Managing Director and Chairman

Gopal Goyal


Mr Harshvardhan


Mrs S Goyal

President (Sales and Marketing)

Mr. A Grover

Chief Operations Manager

Captain DP Verma

In Flight Manager

Ms. A Chadha

Head of Accounts and Finance

Mr VK Gupta

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