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Air France is a French-based airline operating flights predominantly from its main hub in Paris.

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Flights from London City

You can catch an Air France flight from London City directly to:

London City to Belfast City

London City to Dublin

London City to Dundee

London City to Edinburgh

London City to Nice

London City to Madrid

London City to Paris Orly

London City to Strasbourg

London City to Zurich

Mobiles allowed on some Air France flights

From September 2007 mobiles will be allowed on Air France flights, but only in Europe. Air France has obtained approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency to use GSM-based mobile phones, the first approval of its kind anywhere in the world. BlackBerry-type devices will also be allowed. Air France's cabin crew will have the power to deactivate the system, should the need arise (e.g. overnight).

A fear regarding using mobiles on airplanes was that as towers on the ground are in the far distance, during flight mobiles attempting to communicate would boost their signal (causing interference with the plane's electronic equipment). The system Air France is implementing will prevent this by responding to mobile phone signals onboard, meaning they would not need to emit their maximum limit of electromagnetic radiation.

Air France flight

Air France flights to Simpson Bay, St. Martin

The St. Martin island is so small that its Juliana Airport skirts against one of the island's famed Carribean beaches.

Air France low flightAir France flies low


1 Jun 2009

Air France plane dissapears - flight AF447 dissapears on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

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