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Flybe Airline operates flights from its base in the UK. Flybe's hubs are at Birmingham, Southhampton, Exter and Belfast City Airports (its main base being Exeter International Airport and its largest base being Southhampton International Airport).

How to book a Flybe Airline flight

You can book a Flybe flight at its website, (not or or or or or or or

Flybe flight incidents

13 Nov 2007

After fumes began drifting into the cabin, Flybe flight BE7125 in a BAE 146 plane returned to Birmingham (it was on its way to Stuttgart) to made an emergency landing at Birmingham airport. Flybe plans on replacing the BAE 146s, it inherited from BA Connect, largely with Bombardier Q400s.

30 Jul 2007

A Flybe flight from Manchester to Edinburch (BE7220) in a Bombardier Q400 aircraft had to make an emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport, after one of the turboprop engines cut out.

30 Aug 2005

A Flybe flight from Belfast to Liverpool made an emergency landing at Belfast City Airport in Northern Ireland. The plane developed engine problems after 15 minutes in the air and turned back to Belfast. All 71 passengers escaped safely.

4 Aug 2005

A Flybe flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh was forced to land at Leeds Bradford airport, when the cabin filled with smoke. Within 12 minutes of the captain becoming aware of the problem, the plane had been landed. The 4 crew and 56 passengers all escaped safely.

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Flybe Economy Plus

Flybe airline operates a business class section called "Flybe Economy Plus".

Flybe Airline's bases

Flybe Airline has major bases at Belfast, Birmingham, Channel Islands, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Southampton. Flybe airline operates flights out of more United Kingdom airports than any other airline.

Flybe Airline's licence

Flybe Airline holds a UK CAA (United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority) Type A Operating Licence; this licence permits Flybe to to operates flights with over 20 seats carrying cargo, mail and passengers.

Flybe flight

History of Flybe flights

On 1 November 1979, Flybe started operating flights under the name "Jersey European Airways". In June 2000 Flybe flights were flown under British European Airways banner, but this was shortened to Flybe on the 18th July 2002.

Flybe airline's innovations

Mar 2005

Passengers are enabled to to pre-book their seating

Sep 2005

Celebrity endorsed sandwiches and snacks offered onboard

Dec 2005

Fair deal on baggage is launched

Jan 2006

Economy Plus business class is enhanced

Feb 2006

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance is introduced, providing protection against airline failure.

Mar 2006

On-line check-in is offered to passengers carrying hand and hold baggage

Oct 2006

A facility to change flight details online is introduced

Mar 2007

In purchasing BA Connect, Flybe airline becomes "Europe’s largest regional airline"

Jun 2007

The world’s first eco-labelling scheme is introduced by Flybe airline

Aug 2007

Flybe airline launches Rewards4all, the United Kingdom ’s first low cost frequent flyer programme,

Flybe flights frequent flier program

Even though frequent flier programs make it difficult to assess the true cost of an airline ticket, people like them:

Flybe airline flightFlybe airlines has just launched the first budget airline frequent flier program in the UK - its Rewards4all loyalty scheme. Points are earned on all Flybe flights, including flights purchased with standard Economy tickets. Rewards4all points can be swapped for free Flybe flights or for 1 year’s free Executive Lounge access:

1 return UK Economy flight = 16 Points
1 year Executive Lounge Access = 20 Points
1 return UK Economy Plus flight = 22 Points
1 return European Economy flight= 24 Points
1 return European Economy Plus flight = 30 Points

And here's how you earn the Flybe points:

one-way Economy Flight  = 1 Point
one-way Flybe Economy Plus Flight  = 2 Points
return Economy Flight = 2 Points
return Flybe Economy Plus Flight = 4 Points

In other words you need to fly 8 return flights to earn a free return ticket. Assuming that the cost of a Flybe return flight seem to bottom out at £40, meaning that each point is worth a minimum of some £2.50.

Who owns Flybe airline?

Rosedale Aviation Holdings Ltd owns 69% of Flybe airline, 15% is owned by BA as a result of Flybe's takeover of BA Connect, and the remaining 16% is owned by Flybe's staff.

Will Flybe float its shares?

Flybe is considering floating its shares towards the end of 2008 or early 2009.

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