Venice is the capital city of the Veneto region of Italy. The city stretches across 118 islands which have been formed through the building of some 150 canals in a shallow lagoon. The only form of transportation in the city is by foot or water.

What I want to see in Venice

Bell-tower of St Mark's
(Campanile di San Marco)

See the views from the tallest building in Venice (99m).
Opening hours: Jul-Sep 9:45am-8pm; Oct-Mar 9:45am-4pm; Apr-Jun 9:30am-5pm.
Choose a clear day.

Rialto Bridge

See Venice's famous stone bridge, which joins the San Marco disctrict with San Palo. The name "Rialto" derives from rivo alto, meaning 'high bank'.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

See the pretty external spiral staircase ("Scala Contarini" means staircase of the Contarini family, whilst "Bovolo" is a venetian word for "snail".).

The staircase is in the San Marco district of Venice (San Marco 4299). Its courtyard is called Corte del Bovolo or Corte dei Risi. You can get there by finding Campo Manin (south-west of the Rialto Bridge), from which there is a small sign directing to the staircase.

Bell-tower of San Giorgio Maggiore (Church)

See the views from the 60m tall bell-tower.


Go see the glass blowing.

Palazzo Ducal

Once the home of Venice's mayor, displays spectacular artwork.

Accademia Bridge

A wooden bridge linking San Marco with the Accademia Gallery. See the views down the Grand Canal.

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