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27 Aug 2008. With my own trip to Italy about to happen, I've been searching the web for others' experiences, and found Gashi's blog about Italy pleasantly forthrite. She goes into depth about the vagaries of book a train ticket in Italy, tells us about a helpful nun who settled an unhappy boy on a train trip and Italy's train drivers.

Knowing how much we paid to stay in Rome, I was not happy that she found a bed for eleven euros at (on the other hand, I would probably have to sleep alone for a year if I booked the family into a youth hostel).

Rome - "crowdy, smelly & dirty"

In Gashi's words, Rome is "crowdy, smelly & dirty" (sounds like Johannesburg). Some tips she shared:


Naples apparently is filled with trash and old buildings lying in semi-ruin. The thing to visit in Naples is the Castle, which has an amazing view. Tips for Naples:


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