Mumbai Airport west takeoff

This series of photos shows what you see when taking off from Mumbai Airport travelling in a westerley direction, and sitting on the right (starboard) side of the plane. The photos were taken on the 20th January 2008.

Wait for aircraft to land

Once you approach the east-west aligned runway, in all probability you'll have to sit and wait your turn to takeoff (Mumbai Airport is congested). While you wait you can watch the aircraft landing and taking off, one after the other. Note all the smog in the air.

aircraft landing at Mumbai Airport

Peek at the International terminal

As the plane turns down the runway, on the right hand side there'll probably be aircraft parked in front of the International Departures terminal building.

International terminal at Mumbai Airport

Fire engines at Mumbai airport

Next on your right you can see the red fire engines parked at Mumbai Airport (let's hope you wont be needing them!).

Fire engines at Mumbai Airport

Next, you pass a red and white checked tower.

Mumbai Airport's red and white tower

Keep an eye out for the odd bus as you approach the end of the runway

Bus at Mumbai Airport

On your right hand side, you will next see Mumbai Airport's terminal 1B, a domestic departures hall.

pass Mumbai Airport's domestic departures hall

The plane may have lifted off the ground as you pass terminal 1A of the domestic departures section of Mumbai Airport. Terminal 1A is used by Go Air, Indian Airlines and Kingfisher airlines.

Terminal 1A of Mumbai airport - domestic departures

As you climb into the sky, you can see the highrises (just past the airport's Western Express Highway).

taking off from Mumbai Airport

Mumbai just after takeoff from the airport

Below the two red bridges is the Ville parle Railway station.

Mumbai airport photo from takeoff

To the bottom right of the next photo you can see the railway line leading to Ville parle Railway Station. On the top left of the photo is the eastern end of the Juhu Airport runway. Just below that is the Nanavati Hospital.

photo after Mumbai airport takeoff

Next you will see Juhu Airport, which is to the west of Bombay Airport. Established in 1928, Juhu was India's first civil aviation airport (at which stage it was known as Vile Parle Flying Club). The suburb surrounding Juhu Airport (called Juhu) is one of Mumbai's upmarket areas. Near the middle right you can see Juhu Airport's ATC Control Tower. At the bottom of the photo, near the middle right is the Academy of Carver Aviation Pty Ltd, a pilot training school.

Juhu Airport in Mumbai, India (Bombay)

Near the bottom right of the following photo is the Some Control Tower at Juhu Airport. Just to the north-west of the Control Tower is the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) Heli-base, from which on a daily basis more than eighty helicopter rides are flown to Bombay High, oil rigs in the Indian Ocean.

Juhu Airport near Mumbai Airport (Bombay, India)

To the right of the next photo you can see the western end of Juhu Airport. To the left of the runway is Juhu Chowpatty beach, where on hot days you'll find Mumbai's famous gola walas (ice slush vendors). The building to the south-west of the Juhu runways, is Hotel Citizen. To the south of the Juhu runway is the Bombay flying club. To the north-west of the Juhu airport runway is the Ramada Palm Grove in the Ramada area. To the north of the Ramada Palm Grove is the JW Marriott Luxury Hotel, and to the north of that the Juhu Centaur Hotel (5 star).

Juhu Airport near Mumbai airport, India

Another angle of Juhu Chowpatty beach to the west of Juhu Airport and Mumbai airport.

Juhu Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai, India

Next photo is of Juhu's Chowpatty beach, with JW Marriott Hotel in the middle (shaped like a horse-shoe), and the Tulip Star Hotel to the north of that, and further north of that is the Holiday Inn.

JW Marriott hotel north of Juhu Airport, Mumbai (India)

In the next photo you can clearly see from bottom right along Juhu's Chowpatty Beach; Ramada Palm Grove, JW Marriott Hotel and the Tulip Star Hotel. In the foreground is the Arabian sea. One of the more affluent areas of Mumbai, many Bollywood stars own bungalows near Juhu beach.

JW Marriott Hotel at Juhu's Chowpatty beach (Mumbai, India)

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