Zoom Airlines flights from London

Zoom Airlines flightZoom Airlines, the low cost Canadian airliner based in Ottawa, flew its inaugural flight from London to New York on the 21st June 2007. The airliner is using London's Gatwick and New York's JFK Airport. Zoom Airlines claims that Virgin and British Airways "have been fleecing passengers for too long." Prices were listed on the site (on 21 June 2007) as being from 129 pounds. Over 42,000 people fly between London and New York on a daily basis. Zoom is ferrying its passengers across in 266-seat Boeing 767-300's, the planes have a small premier class for those willing to stump up a bit more cash for more comfort. Even for those in cattle class, Zoom Airlines is a full-service carrier, serving food and hands out pillows at no extra charge.

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