AiRUnion Airline

On the 2nd May 2007, Vladimir Putin (Russia's President) signed a decree that 5 Russian regional airlines (Domodedovo, KrasAir, Omskavia, Samara and Sibaviatrans) be merged into a new airline, called AiRUnion, within 6 months (i.e. by the 1st November 2007). This will effectively establish AiRUnion Airline as being Russia's second largest airline, after Aeroflot.

AiRUnion Airline's fleet

AiRUnion Airline controls 70 planes.

AiRUnion Airline's owners

The order signed by Putin stated that the Russian government will own a share of 'at least' 45% of AiRUnion Airlines. The Russian government will contribute government stakes in Domodedovo Airlines (50.04%), KrasAir (51%), and Samara Airlines (46.5%); as well as in the two Siberian regional airlines - Omskavia and Sibaviatrans.

AiRUnion a strategic enterprise

AiRUnion Airlines will be placed on the list of "strategic enterprises", thereby imposing a minimum amount of government control and limits on foreign involvement. Russian "strategic enterprises" are those that are officially "crucial to promoting strategic interests, defense capability, and security of the Russian state, and protecting the morality, health, rights, and lawful interests of Russian citizens."

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