Pacific Pearl Airways

Pacific Pearl Airways is a new airline in the Philippines. The airline has not announced any flight routes, but took delivery of its first aircraft on the 6th July 2007 (flown via Salinas, Honolulu, the Marshall Islands, and Guam to Subic Bay). The aircraft is formerly from Delta Airlines, a Boeing 737-200.

Inauguration of first aircraft

On the 29th July 2007 the first Pacific Pearl Airways aircraft was inaugurated in style at the Subic Bay International Airport. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, assisted by Pacific Pearl Chairman Eligio Jimenez, Transportation and Communications Secretary Leandro Mendoza and Pacific Pearl President Kristoffer Miel Jimenez, ascended the Pacific Pearl Airways Boeing 737 and poured champagne on the aircraft ’s nose to signal the official entry of Pacific Pearl Airways in the Phillipines.

Pacific Pearl Airways' first flight

The first flight is planned for the 17th August 2007. The maiden flight will leave the Subic Freeport Zone bound for Palawan, Aklan and Cebu.

Pacific Pearl Airways' hub

Pacific Pearl Airway's hub is at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Pacific Pearl Airways website (not or or or At last visit (29 July2007) the website consisting solely of a single webpage with a drawing of a pearl in a shell, and the words "PEAR Radiant and abundant, an object of beauty, a symbol of wealth; SHELL Mother of pearl, a bird in flight, the holy spirit with an angel both guarding a pearl; COLORS Blue for the sky, gold for treasure and wealth, white for purity and peace".

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